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MedCline (Gen II)

Product Development, Industrial Design


Flagship GERD/Acid Reflux Product | 11 Granted Patents

Redesign Rational: Exceed the level of comfort and compliance, while maintaining the effectiveness of Gen I with the following improvements:

  • Increased lateral stability by adding width and an additional rigid foam perimeter enclosing a soft support center pillow

  • Perimeter foam also increases the head and neck support for more ergonomic head/neck positioning

  • Improve longevity by removing 'strap and button' connection

  • Ease manufacturing costs by reducing the amount of stuffing in the head component

  • Unibody unit allows for easier customer manipulation and easer case removal for laundering

  • Changed to a 3-layer internal foam stack to improve long-term support while maintaining comfort

  • Sleek, professional/medical-grade appearance



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