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Creative Direction

Recent Experience (Amenity Health)

  • Created and managed digital footprint, including branding, website, ads, and third-party listings

  • Produced all graphic elements and illustrations, including, digital, print, photography, and videography

  • Deployed all media assets to buying agencies and online ad networks (social, native, search, video, etc.) and physical publications, including all external sales collateral

  • Managed talent for photoshoots and video productions, including talent selection, location scouting, set design and wardrobe

  • Designed product packaging and insert materials for all SKUs and coordinated overseas manufacture

  • Lead team of contract graphic designers, web programmers, and video editors

  • Copywrote, produced, and art directed video for TV commercials, ad campaigns, and sales and company literature

  • Liaison for 3rd party creative agencies, digital, and DRTV, ensuring brand consistency


1. MedCline Brand

Creative Direction, Product Management, Marketing

Creative objective:

  • Establish a professional and trusted look to provide brand appeal in both direct-to-consumer market and the medical industry

  • Highlight the brand's clinical effectiveness at reducing acid reflux, allowing users to minimize medication usage and potentially avoid surgery

  • Communicate the value as a non-medication solution to the market that provides relief for users without the debilitating side effects that come from pharmaceutical treatments 

  • Showcase the product's functionality to a highly targeted audience via digital and social advertizement platforms

  • Provide digital assets for proprietary websites (3.2M unique views in 2018) and sales collateral to a focused sales team in wholesale and medical sales markets.


a. Branding

Corporate ID, Logos, Website, Sales Collateral, Packaging


c. Photography

Product Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Set Design, Talent


d. Video Production

Production, Co-Direction, DRTV Commercials, Talent


2. Bumpnest Brand

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Textile Design, Marketing

Creative objective:

  • As their pregnancy progresses, expecting women experience increasing discomfort that can be most frustrating at night. 

  • Develop a wedge and pillow system aimed at relieving gestational acid reflux and general pregnancy-induced aches and pains.

  • Take MedCline patented technology and rebrand with new assets and online presence, targeting pregnant woman shoppers

  • Appealing to new trendy moms, next-generation "mommie bloggers"

  • Authenticity is important to the brand and must use real pregnant models in promotional materials and photography

  • Current competitors offered a minimal amount of colors and patterns offering usually only solid colors, typically white. Bumpnest to offer a variety of on-trend colors and patterns.


a. Branding

Corporate ID, Logos, Website, Sales Collateral, Packaging


b. Photography

Product Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Set Design, Talent