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Creative Direction

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Art and Creative Direction, Location Scouting, Talent

Creative objective:

  • As their pregnancy progresses, expecting women experience increasing discomfort that can be most frustrating at night. 

  • Develop a wedge and pillow system aimed at relieving gestational acid reflux and general pregnancy-induced aches and pains.

  • Take MedCline patented technology and rebrand with new assets and online presence, targeting pregnant woman shoppers

  • Appealing to new trendy moms, next-generation "mommie bloggers"

  • Authenticity is important to the brand and must use real pregnant models in promotional materials and photography

  • Current competitors offered a minimal amount of colors and patterns offering usually only solid colors, typically white. Bumpnest to offer a variety of on-trend colors and patterns.

  • Photography Credit: Erica Schneider

  • Videography Credit: Thomas O'Hara


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